Why Choose Worldwide Automotive for Your Auto Repair?


We specialize in Preventive Maintenance for your car or auto in Albuquerque. We can perform factory suggested maintenance on all vehicles from the 1900 to the present. We have the latest up-dates and manufacture recommendations for your car with our Alldata system with nearly every maintenance schedule for any vehicle.

We do a complementary 32-point inspection every time your car or vehicle comes in for service of any kind. We like to inform you (our customers) if your vehicle has any maintenance or mechanical failures before they become major problems.

Your vehicle is important to you and your family, so let us maintain your car so you have a safe and good riding experience. Let us help you with Oil Changes, Brakes, Suspensions, Engine, and Transmission maintenance and repair.

Engine light on, not running, missing, rough starting, can't pass emissions, needs a tune up. WE WILL FIX IT! Cylinder heads, engine replacement, injectors and injector flush, carburetion, fuel pumps, intake manifolds, water pumps, timing belts or chains, valves, cams, cranks, oil pans. We also do old flat head motors V8, V12 and inline motors.

Over heating: WE WILL FIX IT! Your cooling system for your engine is very important to maintain, it keeps the engine cool and in turn saves the oil, gaskets, bearings from failing. If these parts fail it can get expensive to repair.

We check or replace: hoses, belts, thermostats, reservoirs, water pumps, freeze plugs, heater cores, blower motors, antifreeze, radiators and do coolant flushes.

Cold in the winter Hot in the summer, WE WILL FIX IT! Heater not working in the winter this could because you are having a cooling system problem. Heater core heater valve, vents not opening cause of actuators may have failed or a control module unit has stopped working.

If your car is a little "Hot" in the summer, we will diagnose your Air Conditioning system, check your Freon and all ac lines, compressor, vents, and control modules. We work on old R12 systems and the new R134 systems.

Brakes making noise and car is riding bumpy and sailing like a boat. WE WILL FIX IT! We will inspect the brakes; replace rotors, drums, brake pads, brake shoes, master cylinders and power boosters. Also maintain the ABS system and the traction control system. Check the shocks, struts, bushing, u-joints, drive shafts, and A-arms, sway bars, and springs. Oh, did I say we maintain older car suspensions as well. From the 1900 on; King-pins, strait axles, differentials, steering boxes, older refillable shocks, and cable operated brakes.

Make sure your tires are good along with the ball joints and alignment on all cars and trucks.

Blinker not blinking, dash light not on: WE WILL FIX IT! Replace bulbs, find any shorts, and diagnose electrical problems. We fix or replace electric seats, and windows and regulators.

Worldwide Automotive is here to help you with all your automotive needs give us a call no matter what it is. We do car repair right!

We also are a minority shop!

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